Garden Mulch Perth

Make sure your plants get the nutrients they need

Down to Earth Garden Supplies is one of the leading providers of garden mulch in Perth. We take great pride in the gardening solutions we offer, turning your landscaping dreams into a reality. The organic mulch we supply enriches your soil, ensuring that the flora you plant flourishes and blossoms. Located in Midvale, we can deliver all your gardening products. Contact us today for mulch delivery in Perth.

Our wide range of products are used for various gardening and landscaping requirements by a variety of clients, including large commercial enterprises right through to your backyard gardener. Choose from our selection of mulches, which are primarily used for water conservation, enjoy the following advantages:

  • Prevention of the top layer of soil drying out
  • Reduces the need for watering by 60%; it keeps the ground moist
  • Prevents weeds and the germination of weed seeds that compete with plants for moisture and nutrients
  • Consistent soil temperature constant

A helpful hint

We recommend applying a layer between 75mm – 100mm of mulch. Keep mulch moist when handling and wash hands after handling. Avoid mulching up to the stem of plants or compacting mulch once laid. A light rake over the mulch will allow aeration to the plant roots.

Selection of mulches available;

  • Woodland Red Woodchip
  • Karri & Peat Mulch
  • Black Mulch
  • Enviro Mulch
  • Jarrah Woodchip
  • Shredded Pine Bark
  • Mushroom Compost Mulch