Mulch in Perth

Did you know we are one of the leading suppliers of mulch in Perth? Our extensive range of gardening solutions and a variety of garden mulch in Perth means we can help you complete any gardening project. A lot of our customers don’t really know what mulch is? Mulch is almost always needed for a healthy garden. Mulch is simple, nutritious combination of material that is placed over garden soil to enrich the soil and retain moisture – a bit like food for plants!

Our mulch is different from other garden mulch in Perth. We supply organic mulch that enriches your soil so that your plants flourish and bloom all season long. Our mulch in Perth is made from the best quality nutrients and materials so that all you need to do is place it on your garden and watch it transform!


What is the Best Mulch for Gardens?

There is a wide range of mulch in Perth to choose from, especially today with the variety of mulch available for different plants and environments. The most popular types of mulch are wood chip mulch, black mulch and pea straw mulch. 

  • Wood chip mulch is vastly better for the environment because the wasted wood goes back into your garden rather than going to waste. Wood chip mulch helps block out the sun in hotter months while also keeping moisture from escaping.
  • Black mulch helps generate moisture in the soil and is an attractive option for most gardens. Black mulch is an aesthetic mulch that is high in nutrients meaning you and your plants will love it!
  • Pea straw mulch is ideal for flowers, roses, vegetables, trees and fruit trees. It helps grow and insulate roots while protecting the plant from extreme weather conditions. It’s ideal for use in Summer however pea straw mulch often need to be topped up as it breaks down quickly. 


How Much Mulch Do I Need?

Purchasing cheap mulch will mean your garden needs more regular maintenance as the mulch will break down quicker than premium garden mulch. How much mulch you need depends on the project you are completing. We have supplied bags of mulch for large commercial projects and small home gardens. Finding the best mulch for your garden will depend on what you want to achieve. Our range of mulch in Perth includes (but is not limited to) the most popularly used mulches such as woodchip mulch, black mulch and pea straw mulch. 

We can help you uncover what type, how many bags of mulch, and whether cheap mulch or a more premium option is necessary.