Reticulation Installation

Save money while keeping your garden lush

For many the garden is a source of pride and joy. It’s a canvas of vibrant colours and life that needs to be taken care of. That means pruning, aerating and watering regularly. Not everyone has the time to either run around their landscape with a hose pipe, or drag a sprinkler around to ensure the lawn is saturated and the plant life fed.

Keep that lawn lush and those flowers blooming with reticulation sprinklers. 

Environmentally friendly

Demands placed on our water resources means looking for new and improved ways to save this precious resource. Reticulation sprinklers are the perfect solution; they allow you to fix your spray system to run intermittently and for as long as your need. It measures water spray so you don’t over water your plants. It’s an efficient watering system, helping your garden grow while saving water at the same time.

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