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Landscaping supplies Perth

Garden supplies Perth

Whether you’re starting a landscaping project from scratch, overhauling your current garden or simply need some supplies for regular garden maintenance, visit Down to Earth Garden Supplies, we have everything you require. For the professional landscaper or the home gardener, we stock a variety of soils, sands, mulches, garden features and stones to create the ideal backyard. We pride ourselves on our diverse product range, and everything is under one roof so you don’t have to shop around.

Specialising in unique products, we have a fully stocked outlet with products that you won’t see anywhere else. With our strong position in the market, we are able to bring you a variety of products at cost-effective prices. With styles that swing from classic Asian, rustic to contemporary, we offer an eclectic product selection. Our commitment to excellence comes from providing great customer service, and constantly adding to the product range, which means you are assured of a new experience with every visit.

Located in the eastern suburb of Midvale, Down to Earth Garden Supplies can meet all your garden needs. Pebbles, pots, statues, water features, pavers, limestone blocks, bagged garden mixes, soil, mulch, sands and cement. For those who want to buy in bulk and benefit from savings, we can arrange for bulk delivery of sand, soil,  mulch and many more essential landscape materials.

Garden ornaments

Standout gardens consist of more than just plants and flowers. There are different types of ornaments you can purchase to enhance your outdoor areas. We have steppers, wall art, birdbaths, windchimes and so much more to decorate your garden with. Chat to one of our staff at the centre to get some advice about how to incorporate ornaments in your garden.

Water features

We stock water features of all sizes to complement a variety of gardens. Whether you want a water feature to be the focal point of your garden or a part of a series of attraction, we have one that is best suited to you. Come in, have a look at our variety and decide which one best suits your home’s architectural style, outdoor atmosphere and garden layout.

Garden Sculptures

If you want to create your own Jardin du Luxemborg in the privacy of your backyard, incorporating garden sculptures is the best way to do it. Statues add a flair of aristocracy and grandeur to any space no matter what type of sculpture you choose. Whether it’s a Buddha, a fairy or a gargoyle, you will find the perfect garden statue at our store.

Garden Soil Supplies

Depending on what type of plants you are trying to grow, we have a soil that is perfect for your plant choice. We stock soil improvers to enhance Perths Sandy soils. If you are unsure what soilto use have a chat to one of our staff today.

Stones and Pebbles

Stone and pebbles add different types of texture to a garden. It sets your garden apart from the neighbour in a beautiful way. You can incorporate stones or pebbles to separate flower beds, initiate walkways, use around water features or to place in between shrubbery for a break in greenery.


Mulch comes in many different forms and each promotes healthy soil activity, which allows your plants to grow properly without being suffocated by weeds, and eaten by insects. Visit our store to choose which mulch best suits the type of plants you have the look you’re going for in your garden.

Contact us today or pop in to our branch for all your gardening supplies.